Woods School, together with our families and community, is committed to providing every child an outstanding education by blending time proven and innovative teaching practices in a safe and caring environment. This mission will guide our children to individual success and lifelong learning, while honoring our unique school traditions.


We, the parents, board of education, teachers and administration of Woods School, are well aware that we have a challenge and a responsibility of paramount proportion – that of providing our youngsters with an education of the highest quality.

In pursuing this endeavor, we must strive to develop and maintain a curriculum which emphasizes fundamental skills in reading, language, spelling, math, social studies and science. The curriculum must also include programs and activities which relate to total health, including but not limited to physical fitness and wellness, nutrition and the effects of alcohol, drug and tobacco abuse. Additionally, we feel that emphasis should be placed on the introduction and exposure of our children to various careers and career opportunities.

It is very important that we provide a setting where our children are enabled to grow physically, emotionally and mentally to fulfill their own personalities and potential. In this growth, we want our children to develop confidence, self esteem and a generally positive outlook on life. We must instill attitudes of allegiance, pride and spirit within our school, as well as the community, state and country. Also, we want to foster an understanding and appreciation of value systems, cultures, customs and history of each child’s own heritage as well as those of others.

Supplemental, yet integral to the total program, are the arts as a means of self expression and a media for creativity. In addition, we believe that extra-curricular activities should be promoted to encourage participation and to develop a competitive attitude. In all forms of competition, we expect our students to win with pride and lose with dignity. Both curricular and extra-curricular programs will be structured so that students have ample opportunity to cultivate their individual leadership qualities.