Woods now offers Free Covid testing to our families on: 

Monday-All Day

Tuesday: 1:15pm-3:15pm

Wednesday: 11:30pm-3:15pm

Thursday: 1:15pm -3:15pm

Friday-All Day

Before arriving for testing, please register at https://register.covidconnect.wi.gov

When you arrive at Woods, please park by or close to the ramp of the door facing Snake Road.  Once you arrive, please call the main office, the nurse will come to your car. 

After you are tested your results will be ready within 3-7 business days. How to access your results.

Parents can request that their child be tested while at school with written consent. This consent will be valid until the end of the school year, unless otherwise indicated by the parent.

Consent form

Covid Testing is also available at Chapel on the Hill, N2440 Ara Glen Dr. Lake Geneva, Every Tuesday from September 21st to October 26th, 9am-1pm

Register at: https://register.covidconnect.wi.gov/en-US

Covid 19 Vaccinations are also available at Chapel on the Hill (while supplies last).